Up for sale in the Lexington KY / Central KY area is a colony of 16 Tropheus moorii firecracker. Fish are about a year old and were purchased from a local store in Lexington that received them from Segrest farms.

Tropheus moorii (blunthead cichlid) is a species of cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Over 40 different color morphs of this species are dispersed throughout the lake, ranging from dark green to flame red and yellow. They mostly feed on filamentous algae on the rocky shallows they inhabit. T. moorii is a maternal mouthbrooder, so eggs are fertilized and young are carried in the mouth of the female while they hatch and develop.


$100 will take the whole colony but a deposit via PayPal is required to setup the pickup.

Local pickup in Central Kentucky only.

No shipping.

Contact us via the form below to work out the details.

Tropheus moorii firecracker